Online Casino Winners Stories

Canada online casino winners

Whatever the case may be, no matter what game you play online be it blackjack, table games, slots or video poker, there are many online casino winners stories and fortunate players that have hit quite big jackpots to totally change their life. These life changing events have led to some amazing stories, especially when playing online from the ease of your home.

Slot Machine Win World Record
A dream come true. I think it would be safe to say that by betting 25 cents and winning $24 million would be an accurate definition of luck. A man of 40 years old from Finland did just that. The winner said “I laughed and cried at the same time.” On January 20, 2013 on the slot game Mega Fortune is where his new found fortune came from.

Guinness World Record Win
One night as a young man from Norway was tossing and turning in bed and decided just to get up since he couldn’t fall sleep. He thought just to play a few online games and then try again to go back to sleep. When he won 11.7 million Euros he had to pinch himself to see if he in fact fell asleep and was dreaming. Mega Fortune is the game that set the record in Guinness World Record for the largest ever jackpot payout in an online slots game. It wasn’t until 6:00 am that he finally fell asleep due to the surprise of such a win.

Swedish Player wins 7.6 million Euros
A fortunate woman from Sweden became the biggest online casino jackpot winner in Sweden playing the Hall of Gods slot game. Being a bit dazed after the win, she had a hard time believing she actually won. Paying off her house and loans with the jackpot, she was organizing to take her family to Thailand. “And I might even get a new car.” Now she is living the dream that many of us only dream of.

Mega Moolah Pays Out Millions
Being quite famous in the world of mega online casino wins, Mega Moolah has given millions to lucky winners from all parts of the globe in their progressive jackpot slots in the Microgaming network. Georgios M a 36 year old Greek businessman is one of the many fortunate players that have hit large amounts. George won $8.6 million in cash! This makes him the winner of the largest Microgaming casino jackpot payout ever.

A Real Big Catch
The biggest ever UK online jackpot has been a dream come true for the lucky man from Aberdeenshire. A fisherman by trade, he has become a multi millionaire by playing the Hall of Gods slot game. The lucky man won a staggering 6.4 million Euros progressive jackpot by originally bidding just 20p. He decided to continue working as a fisherman deciding that if he quit fishing, he would miss it too much. The winner also said he plans to give part of the winnings to charity.

In One Week Gold Rally Jackpot Hit Twice
No online casino had paid out a jackpot twice in the same week until December 2013. Slots can instantly make online casino players millionaires. It was Gold Rally, the memorable slot game with 3 reels and 8 paylines created by Playtech that paid off for the second time in a week. Two lucky players amassed big wins during the first week. The first win was for $6,347,118, while the second one was $277,228. So far, The Wild West themed slot game has paid out over $33,793,700.00 to many fortunate winners throughout the world.

A Dark Knight Millionaire
John O. had been planning to work at Jobcentre for another five years. He changed his mind when he won £5.8 million playing an online video slot game called the Dark Knight, a game linked to the movie of the same name. His home town of Lancaster never looked the same. Contacting the customer support and trying to cash out the money immediately, they confirmed he was a millionaire.

Mega Moolah Creates another Multi Millionaire
When Klaus E. from Finland bet 50 cents and instantly became a multi millionaire of $5,556,753.68, his life changed forever. His hands were shaking after the big win. He was playing Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slots powered by Microgaming. To pay off his apartment and go on a vacation were the first things he would do with the money. To collect a check of his winnings Klaus had to fly to Sydney, Australia. Of course he combined it with a big celebration. As they say down under, ” It was a real corker.”

Big Canadian Casino Winners
Kathryn S. saw the Michael Jackson slot machine and that was it. She knew she wanted to beat it. At a casino in Niagara Falls, Kathryn saw the Michael Jackson-themed slot machine and she could not contain herself.…She won $1.8 million! “It’s unbelievable,” said the 55-year-old. “This is only my second visit to the Casino. I chose this machine because I love Michael Jackson’s music and I was lucky to win a few hundred dollars the first time I played. This time I put in only $60.” She was asked if she was a fan of Michael Jackson. Her reply was..”Huge, That’s what drew me to it.” Kathryn was definitely one of many big Canadian casino winners.